Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have heard of this happening, but never have experienced it for myself. I have to be honest I never really believe this sort of thing really happened.
Yes he is passed out asleep in the bath tub. He remained asleep while I wrapped his pudgy little body in a towel, put a new diaper on his pudgy little body, and laid his pudgy little body soundly in his crib. He slept like a passed out pudge. This is amazing to me!!

He is sucking on my shower liner for comfort. Yummy and VERY sanitary.
You'll notice the liner also doubles as censor for certain material, who would have known!!

These next few pics are of Oak and her orange addition. Yes I admit I totally accessorized to match her cast. Don't judge, it's been a looonnngg week.

I put in this next pic because it makes me very happy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We met with the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday for Oak's leg and I was so nervous watching his face as he read the x-rays from the insta-care. He looked over at me, I was biting my nails with nervousness , and with a warm smile he simply said "No Surgery." Phew! I let out a deep breath I had been holding since we stepped foot in the building and it felt like a huge weight have been lifted off my shoulders! The next step for Oak was to re X ray her leg, to make sure the break hadn't gotten any worse, and to cast her leg from her upper thigh to the bottom of her toes. The doctor pulled up the x-ray on his desktop and we were able to see an almost 3D image of the break and it was unreal. The x-ray at the insta care didn't even hold a flame to this crisper more life like x-ray. I could clearly see the 2 vertical jagged breaks in the tibia (the larger of the leg bones) one of which stemmed into a horizontal pin sized break up her bone. I couldn't even believe it! She had been so brave the entire 5 days her leg was in the splint, which didn't even secure the break. It really is true that kids adapt and are so resilient in bad situations. She had the sweetest most honest explanation for hurt leg, and her happy attitude never wavered. When it came time to cast her leg the techs asked her what color she wanted her cast and of course ORANGE it was, and is. Big bright hunter orange. She thinks it's pretty awesome. After securing the cast and waiting for the wraps to dry, I noticed an instant sense of security for Oaklee and her leg. We left the doctors office with the sun on our faces and 3 matching smiles! Now, back at home, Oak doesn't cry when you touch or lift her leg. She is no longer choking down some nasty a medicine or afraid to be picked up or carried. Her and our newest orange addition for the next 4 weeks, are happy and simply content. I feel very blessed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here are a few pics of our last few days with Oak's broken leg.
This first one is the FIRST time we have left my bedroom since Wednesday night. No joke. This is progress!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I finally have a second to compose my thoughts about these last few days, which by the way are pretty jumbled and sleep deprived so here it goes,
Oaklee broke her leg in two places Wednesday morning. It was going to be her first day of preschool. Clothes were laid out on the bed, backpack was waiting by the door, Bridger was snoring in his car seat. We were so ready, and then, just as I was coming into the bathroom to do Oak's hair I heard a scream I will never forget. I ran to her and in a blur I found her in a lump on the floor holding her leg and literally turning purple. I held her in my arms and tried to sooth her as best as I could. I thought maybe she twisted her ankle or had a bad bonk. I gave her Motrin, and for a bit she seemed okay. She wanted to lay in my bed and watch little bear, so we did. But when the Motrin wore off and I tried to stand her up, I knew something terrible had happened. Nothing could have prepared me for what the Insta Care doctor said while holding an x-ray into the artificial light. I only really heard "It's bad" and "possibly surgery." We left the insta care in the pouring rain and purple splint. My poor sweet heart (who had a broken leg for about 6 hours before receiving any real pain medicine) was moaning in her sleep as we pulled into our driveway. Tears rolled down my cheeks like the rain on the car window. After a few doses of her pain medicine, and about 3 in the morning, she finally drifted into a restless painful sleep. My heart literally hurts for her. I want nothing more than to trade places and have me in the purple splint moaning in pain. It is the most horrible feeling. Ever. I know these things happen but I can't help but feel guilty. I can say one thing for certain. She is my hero. She has been so brave and, for lack of a better word, precious. She looks at me with those melt your heart blue eyes and says "I broke my knee huh mom, if I could get up I would just get a band aid, but I can walk, so I can't get a band aid. I just need a little break, then I will feel better." My hero.