Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Should" be sleeping
Oaklee has just discovered her voice and she loves to use it all the time. In the tub, at home, at nap time, and my favorite, at church. :) Lately, her very favorite time to work her pipes is at nap time. This is what she does when I put her down.. (listen to video) Even though she's a PILL at nap time, I can't help but love the little person she is becoming, and her blooming personality that is growing each day. She cracks me up.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gracie and Oaklee having some much needed bonding time

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow, what can I say? Last week was CrAzY! It included lots of stroller rides on the metro, Oaklee's beloved baths with Gracie, me sleeping on a blow up mattress in Gracie's room, (meanwhile Oaklee slept in the hallway) blowing the power to Amie's whole house more than once with all of our blow dryers and straighteners, adjusting to the time change, (especially for Oaklee), and lots of other exciting adventures. However, despite all the chaos, every minor sacrafice has been well worth it to spend time with the people we have missed the most; Amie, Gracie, and Josh. It was so refreshing to be back in D.C. again, and this time with Oaklee. Amie was a great hostess. Finding a place for 2 babies and 4 adults to sleep, and finding room for all of our luggage and crap. (an accomplishment she should be proud of!) Josh was an excellent taxi cab, making numerous trips back and forth from one place to another folding up strollers and buckling in car seats just so we can go somewhere as simple as out to dinner. Not to mention he put up with 5 women for a week (scary). Going back to D.C. made it even more clear how much I miss these guys!! Especially my little buddy gracie. I cannot believe what a change 5 weeks can make when you don't see someone you love. She is growing up so fast, and adding lots of new words to her vocabulary, including "Here you go", "I love you" and "Hippo eats apples" ( a little random, but she loves the hippo at the Zoo). I was way sad to leave a waving, blowing kisses, clueless Gracie and sad Amie on the doorstep to their apartment, but happy to know that they come HOME (home=UTAH thats for you Josh,.. just kidding) soon

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway To Homestead Inn

On a spur of the moment decision, (I'm talking Friday afternoon) Colton came to me with the idea to getaway for the weekend. We both needed some relaxation time (who doesn't?) and decided that we wanted to go visit Park City where we went on our honey moon. I think we both forgot that it is snowboarding and skiing season, and every Hotel we looked into was booked, accept for the Homestead Inn. I know that it sounds kind of redneck, but it is a little gem in the mountains. It is very roomy, with a cottage like feel instead of a hotel room. Anyone wanting to get away, I highly recommend to go here. Not only do they have a jetted tub in your room that fits two ;)... they also have an amazing dinner menu with delicious food that can be delivered right to your door in 30 minutes or less. Colton and I being both cold and lazy (check out the snow in the picture) ordered food to our room both nights and ate in bed in our Pj's. I was in heaven! All in all it was a very relaxing weekend and an awesome valentine present! wink wink to the husbands out there.. just kidding.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

LiTtLe VaLeNtInE

Today Oaklee and I decided to take valentine pictures since we will be leaving for D.C next Wednesday. These pictures were my best effort! The only thing she wanted to do was eat (surprising) and fall asleep, o well at least we captured the moment, or tried :) the big red splotchy thing in her picture just above, is a rose petal; Lol I tried to scatter them around her, but as you can clearly see, that didn't work so well!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Attempting the Rollover*
Ok So I know that is really nerdy to get so excited about something as simple as rolling over, but I absolutely love to watch Oaklee lay on her tummy and try to roll over. She gets her arms in position, and then gets high centered by her fat belly!! She squills in frustration and it is so cute!!

*OuR TiNy GiFt*

One of Oaklee's favorite times of day is bathtime!! She loves to kick, splash, play, and relax. I think these pictures pretty much speaks for themselves!

I have been wanting to create a blog forever and I finally kicked it in the butt and decided to "try" and make one. I say try because I suck at stuff like this!! (Amie aren't you proud?) But I've decided that staying in touch with friends and family is very important to Colton and I, since those family and friends have been there for us in our times of need.
Sheesh where to start? Colton and I have known each other since we were both juniors in high school. We met at Spanish Fork High School (how romantic) in history class. Colt was always the one peeking over my shoulder to get answers, and I never turned him away! I remember one specific time that Colt gave me a ride home one night after we had just hung out for only the 2nd time and called me 5 minutes later to tell me I "forgot my coat" when really it was July and I had no coat with me... but I played along and now here we are! Colton and I were married July 6th 2007. In October of that same year entered in our little blessing Oaklee Mae Johnston. She was born on October 5th at 12:37 in the morning after 1 hour of labor, (yes one hour) and 10 intense minutes of pushing in which my epidural had worn off. Just my luck, but it was love at first sight. She was 6 pounds 9 ounces and 17 1/2 inches long. My doctor has told me that she has never seen a labor so fast, and that my next baby I better plan on being at the hospital days in advance! (no worries that wont happen anytime soon,) Oaklee has changed our lives in many ways. I really understand what it means to be unselfish, loose sleep, (which I'm sure alot of you understand) and have unconditional love for such a little person. I've learned many lessons from my now 16 pound miracle that I never would have learned had she not been here. God works in mysterious ways! She brings so much joy into our life, and I can honestly not imagine where we'd be without her!