Friday, June 4, 2010

Flying high on the tire swing her little legs kick with excitement. She is completely free up there. Free to dream, free to pretend she can reach out and touch the sky, free to feel the wind on her face, free. This memorial day I reflected on our fallen soldiers that give their lives to keep us free. Recently (March 4th) Lance Corporal Nigel Kenton Olsen of my hometown Salem, died in the line of duty. He was 21. While driving down to our cabin over memorial day I saw the country side dotted with American flags and it sparked a memory of driving down the streets of Salem seeing the same American flags lining both sides of the street making a pathway to Nigel's home. I got goose bumps and lump in my throat whenever I saw those flags. He is a hero. Every Man and Woman that takes the call is a hero. You are not forgotten.

"I love my family and I love this land
But tonight this flight's for another man
We do what we do because we heard the call
Some gave a little, but he gave it all

I fly that plane called the Angel Flight
Gotta hero riding with us tonight
Between Heaven and earth you're never alone
On the Angel Flight
Come on brother I'm taking you home"
Lyrics by Radney Foster

Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to create memories like this