Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The sun came streaming through the central window in Grandma's house. a tear soaked tissue lay crumpled in my lap. Words to the hymn "abide with me, tis eventide" echoed in my mind. My heart is full. a dear friend of the family passed away this last Friday and his funeral was today. He will be greatly missed. I was enlightened about life today, and as I watched my sweet Oaklee play in the light of the beautiful day, I am grateful to have the knowledge that she can be mine forever.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I spoke too soon...
It looks like my days really are numbered here in the duplex, 30 days to be exact. I'm looking around this place drifting back to distant sweet memories. Scrumptious cookie dough in a silver mixer and two heaping spoon fulls for me and hodie. Opening the blinds to let a warm glow devour the living room while one baby learns to walk. Molding myself into the plush bean bag sipping a bubbling Pepsi after a stressful day of life. Watching him walk through the door, muddy boots and snow flakes on the rim of his hat, a cold nose and a warm smile. The sound of the heater kicking on.. Every wall has a memory, every piece of carpet has a foot print we've made. Every tile has an ant... (I had to put that in here, for memory sake)
You will be missed little duplex; the good and the bad. From the ants, and the crunchy leaves, to the laughter and the tears. The humbling experiences you've rendered and, especially not to be forgotten, to every beautiful memory you've helped create...