Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am I close enough to feel the hay...can I stay here and slide all day?

If I crinkle my nose will it make you laugh?
If I get to close will I take a bath?

Can I squish and spill my mac and cheese?
Can I take this laundry with me please?
I am guilty of naked-ness

it's only a little dirt Mom it wont make a mess
I want to touch and play and grow,
I want to see and feel and know
I want to splash, and laugh and roll
what happens if I put this down that hole?
I want to cry, and bite and say "no!"
I want to feel the cool grass below
I want to gaze at the open sky
I want uncle Chad to throw me up high
I want to see the sun so bright
I want Dad to kiss me goodnight
I am full of wonder and awe
"Life is short, live it up!" to quote my grandma
The simple things in life are worthwhile
so laugh and love, and don't forget to smile.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaves and Tooth Aches
Today I woke up with a throbbing toothache. You know that annoying pain that threatens to ruin the whole day. I heard Oaklee crying in her crib. I went in her bedroom to find her looking up at me, patting her cheek with her chubby little hands. Those big blue, melt your heart eyes, looked up at me with a sad expression. She smiled to see me, but kept patting her cheek. I looked into her mouth to find a crooked jagged little tooth peeking out from her gums. So Oaklee had a toothache too. After breakfast and doses of Tylenol we wrapped up in our favorite blankets on the bean bag and turned on Barney. She laid her head on my shoulder (for 2 seconds) and patted my arm with squishy hands as if to say "I understand what your going through Mom, my tooth hurts too." It those kinds of moments that make any day, a great one.Then she was off the bean bag in .5 and onto the next event. We went outside to get some fresh air and Oaklee collected rocks and leaves of all kinds. It was a beautiful clear day, and we did forget our teeth for a bit.