Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am I close enough to feel the hay...can I stay here and slide all day?

If I crinkle my nose will it make you laugh?
If I get to close will I take a bath?

Can I squish and spill my mac and cheese?
Can I take this laundry with me please?
I am guilty of naked-ness

it's only a little dirt Mom it wont make a mess
I want to touch and play and grow,
I want to see and feel and know
I want to splash, and laugh and roll
what happens if I put this down that hole?
I want to cry, and bite and say "no!"
I want to feel the cool grass below
I want to gaze at the open sky
I want uncle Chad to throw me up high
I want to see the sun so bright
I want Dad to kiss me goodnight
I am full of wonder and awe
"Life is short, live it up!" to quote my grandma
The simple things in life are worthwhile
so laugh and love, and don't forget to smile.


Bobbilynn said...

Cute poem. Your writing is so entertaining, I always look forward to reading your blog. We need to get the girls together and play!

ps Amie comes Friday! We need to do lunch or something!

Angie said...

SO CUTE. Stace you have talent! And a really adorable daughter.

Courtney & Bridger said...

you're so creative stace! All those pics are so cute, I wanna play with her soon, I haven't seen her forever!

Ally Hawkins said...

Stacie she is adorable! I miss you!

Danielle and Briton said...

Stacie I love your writing! Love Oaklee, she is so beautiful. We need to get together sometime and talk if you know what I mean.

Rachel said...

Oaklee is so cute. I wish we could have seen her while we were visiting. Our blog is liltugboat.blogspot.com.

Meagan Marie said...

hey there stranger! Love the poem! She is getting so big! We need to do lunch or something! give me a call!

Tyler and Megan said...

Oh my heck oaklee is so cute!!!

Picture You Photography said...

Hey Stace! Pictures are up! Let me know what you think!