Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Words
It was a typical day. Running out the door with Oaklee on my hip, hair in a crazy bun, forgetting to shut off the bathroom light and dropping Oaklee's sippy cup in the garage. This was all part of the normal daily routine. But one crucial thing was forgotten that day. One 20 pound puppy was left on her in leash inside the house.
I'm sure you can imagine what is next, but first here is a little background before I go any further. Colton is building Tug a dog house. The framing of the house is up, but due to some late working days, the sides and roof of Tug's new house are still under construction. So while Tug's house is put on hold, she is spending the nights with us. I told her when she cuddled up on the bean bag to realize that this was ONLY until her house was finished. This was not permanent. She tilted her head to one side, and starred at me.
Well in my rush to get out the door that day, I buzzed right past tug without even thinking about the devastating results of leaving a teething puppy in the house unsupervised. I went to my Moms' house happy as can be. Oakey and Grace roamed the house. Oaklee swiffered the floor (her new obsession) while Gracie made a house out of couch pillows. We ate lunch and ran to wally world for the necessities; Mickey Mouse shaped cheese and lunchables for Grace. M&M's and yogurt for Oakey. After a day of couch houses and an imacculate swiffered floor, I went home to spend some time with Colt; he has been kind of neglected since Amie came into town.. When I walked through the door my jaw dropped. They're was tug, chewing on a chunk of carpet she had separated from the glue and nails. Carpet pieces were scattered around her like confetti. Then my eyes met the next disaster. She had found the cabel cord that hooks from the computer to the wall. Pretty much it looked like a chewed up licorace rope. Completely obliverated. No salvaging this one. Good bye internet. At least until the cabel guy comes. So for now my blogging is limited to when I'm at my Mom's, when a computer is free and when I'm not chasing and cleaning up after Oakey, which translates to about 1 hour a week, (seriously) and in that hour I want to be spending time with my long lost penslybania (as Grace calls it) toddler. So for a bit, my blogging and pictures will be put on the back burner.
Note to self: Do not leave a puppy, cabel wire, and carpet alone in the same room. Lessoned harshly learned.. This was totally my spacey fault, all in all what can I say? They're simply are "No Words".


Angie said...

great descriptive writing! i feel like i was there. and oh my gosh i can only imagine when you walked in the door to find the mess. sadness!

Bobbilynn said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! I'm not ever latting steve read this post cause he's a "dogs stay outside" kinda guy and I'm a "some dogs can come inside" kinda gal, So Geez, this will only help him. :)