Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is in the Air*

It was hard to resist not being outside today, The weather was so nice. It made Oaklee and I have spring fever! We took these pictures in her Easter dress out on the lawn. She loved watching the cars go by, and looking up at the bright blue sky. Spring can't you come already?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

High Maintenance Woman
You never realize how high maintenance a baby can be until they're sick. Between diaper rashes, desitin, Tylenol every 4 hours, humidifiers, washing sheets, and all the other accommodation's that come with being sick, who has time for anything else? Here is a brief look into our lives the past week...

* we had to have our warm baths and favorite teething rings , they were a must...

No swing or crib for me, I am only content relaxing with dad.. my favorite past time....

Talking to mom?? Overated... I made a new friend who would lay on the floor with me and let me talk to them all day... I had the sneaking suspicion they didn't quite understand me... (you speaka english?)

But in the end, high maintenance or not, I came out smiling... (even if I did wake up in just my diaper in my crib because my dad got up with me during the night...???)

And who knows... maybe just maybe... I might be getting some teeth! Watch out mom

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome Home

Two weeks ago in church Colton and I left sacrament to go home because Oaklee was beyond reconciliation, being that our church is at nine and she needed a nap. As we put Oaklee in her car seat to go home, she stopped crying and fell asleep. We decided to stay at church, since there really was no reason to leave. While in Primary, my now next door neighbor approached me and told me the duplex next to hers has just gone up for rent. I was excited as she described it to me. As soon as she said two bedrooms, I was in!! We called the landlord that night. He called us back a few days later and told us to come check out our new home! We were so excited when he placed the keys into Colton's hands! I now realize that there was a reason we stayed at church that day!
*more pictures are on the way, as soon as the craziness of moving settles in!*