Friday, September 26, 2008

As I'm sitting here, eating a raspberry filled powered donut and sipping on Pepsi with Dr. Phil on the T.V. and a blanket over me snuggling into my bean bag, I think to myself, "Stace you are really boring. Look at yourself! Sitting here on the bean bag, consuming who now's how many calories and watching Dr. Phil. You never have really anything exciting to blog about, rarely do you blog, and everyone's blogs are cute and updated." To put my mind at ease, I tell myself that I'm just really "busy" and that's the lack of exciting blogs and fun pictures. Or is it that my computer is really ghetto, or maybe it's because right as we speak I have about 5 loads of laundry and soapy dishes in the sink? I have a million excuses to ease my blog troubled mind. But really it just boils down to, I have nothing exciting to tell really! Life is just as crazy as ever, and we're loving every minute of it. I am famous for summing up what's happened with a gay slideshow of pictures, so today I thought I would think outside the slide show box and actually give an update in writing for the sake of feeling like a good person for keeping this blog updated. So here it goes, hang in there, please try not to fall asleep.
Colton is still working his guts out for Best Vinyl. He recently got promoted to "Finishing Foreman" and recieved a much needed raise. I'm so proud of all his accomplishments, and his determination. He truly has made me a better person by his example and his patience. Not to mention putting up with me. Yikes.
Oaklee is turning one next Sunday! Her days are filled with peek-a-boo, wabbily walking, lots of attitude, reading countless books, playing with tug (our new dog) and lots of exploration. Her new favorite thing is to crawl in the sliding glass door space my t.v. sits on and squish her body into the cubby hole. It's like she's amazed everytime she actually can fit herself in there! She loves food, her grandma's, who spoil her silly, and her new obsession is pointing at everything and going up and down stairs. She continually teaches me new things, and my love for her is unconditional.
Tug or new dog is a lab weimerheimer mix. She is dark chocolate black and a everything a puppy should be. She is hyper, slobbery, and likes to chase me when I feed her. Can you tell I just love her? She was a gift for Colton from me, and I'm not sure how I feel about her yet.... I'm sure with a lot of patience, I will learn to love her. haha
As for me? I am just loving life as a stay at home, nerdy, glasses wearing, pajama's till noon, lunch on the go, dinner at 7, never ending laundry crazy busy Mom. I have recently been taught how to can peaches (I know nerdy right?) and now I kind of want to can everything. I trim Models for my dad's business, and that is my "Job." So that's it! That's the Johnston's summed up for a about another month. I am hoping to become a better blogger, so as to keep some sort of a journal, but you know how it goes!
Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Capital P*I*L*L
I think Gracie and Oaklee must have some "spunky" genes they inherited from Mom or something! Today I asked Oaklee if she wanted to go to bed, and she literally stopped what she was doing (eating cheerios in her car seat) looked up at me with those big blue eyes, pursed her lips together and clearly said "No". She said it almost like she knew exactly what I was asking her. So out of curiosity I asked her again "Oaklee do you want to go ni night?" again she looks up at me and says "No." I'm like ok you don't know what I am asking you to do, and you definitely don't know what NO means yet!!! Then she fell asleep in her car seat covered in cheerios, and apparently she only ate a few, judging by how many were left over in the car and her car seat. She also had them stuck to her cottage cheese bum and legs, in her hair, and a few stuck in her rolls. When we got home from various errands, I took her out to put her down for a nap. Ever so gently, like an unknown art form, I un-buckled her straps, delicately picked her up careful not to wake her, and my goal was just to make it to her crib.. Please oh please! I tiptoed all the way, and she stayed asleep, until, of course, I laid her down in her bed and then POOF perfect timing, her eyes open up and she smiles at me. I James Bond style roll out of her room, trying not to be seen, but it was too late. She stood up and said, "Ma ma?" My own personal cryptonite. How can you resist that? So after my delicate mission had failed, I get her out of prison and we go upstairs to play. I gave her a cup of lucky charms to occupy her interest making note to only put a very few marshmallows in the mix because I know how much of a sugar high she would get and the little ideas that would formulate in her head of what to do with the marshmallows, like squish them ect. I was oblivious to her dumping out all her lucky charms and squishing them in the carpet, occasionally eating a few. I look up from the computer to this little mischievous grin on her face and she has marshmallows stuck to her lips, and smeared all over her face is left over bright green, red, and yellow marshmallow goo. There are lucky charms everywhere on the floor, crunched and smooshed into the carpet like glue. No wonder she was being so quiet! I wonder what her little brain was thinking when she was doing all this? Today she has been nothing short of a PILL! I'm sure we are just in the beginnings of the naughty pre-toddler stage of curiosity and "I wonder what will happen when I do this?" mind set... GREAT..
*Not to self: Toddlers and Lucky Charms don't mix.
Just a little story of a day in the life of Oaklee...
*I would have pictures but my ghetto computer is not cooperating, so just picture a little devil with pig tails... JUST KIDDING..