Monday, January 12, 2009

As I'm thinking about what to say here to explain these photo's, I just can't help but crack up. I think you'll agree when you scroll down that these pictures pretty much speak for themselves..... While I am laughing on the outside, I will say that the little voice inside, the "mom in me" the Sandra if you will, is screaming for WINDEX!

We miss you already Gracie...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

You know how there are some days that just stick out in your mind. Details are clearer, feelings are stronger.. Days that put things into perspective and you feel a true happiness that your exactly where you should be in your life. I had one of those days today.. It wasn't out of the ordinary; Oaklee was in the bathtub and Gracie and Colton were washing her. I was scanning Oaklees room for her "jammies" (p.j's) and looking at my disaster of a house thinking I had my work cut out for me in the morning. I overheard Gracie and Oaklee laughing. I stood outside the bathroom leaning on the door frame watching this precious moment unfold. A huge smile spread across my face. Colton was behind Gracie showing her how to hold this fake fishing pole.. Oaklee was the "Mean Shark" threatening to eat the foam floating alphabet letters. Colton would guide Gracie's fishing pole until it hooked a letter and he would dramatically and hastily pull the letter up and out of the tub while Oaklee laughed as it slipped through her chubby little fingers. And I paused.. I'm not sure what hit me about this moment but it instantly still framed in my mind. I sat soaking up the sweetness and innocence of fishing for alphabet letters. The perspective came into clear view. I am here for a reason, I am a Mom for a reason, and a young one at that. In this stressed filled world with economic downfalls and high anxiety and here we were; in a little 2 bedroom house with our favorite girls laughing at silly alphabet fishing. Pure happiness, honest happiness, real happiness. This moment in time put a smile on my face, and even now I'm smiling.

I suck times two squared. Here are some Christmas pictures.. I know it's New Years...

High light at Granny Anny's

Princess Shoes

One of her favorite toys, a slinkie go figure

Christmas Cheer

This is how I feel about these pictures Mom

Excited about his new pillow