Monday, February 4, 2008

Attempting the Rollover*
Ok So I know that is really nerdy to get so excited about something as simple as rolling over, but I absolutely love to watch Oaklee lay on her tummy and try to roll over. She gets her arms in position, and then gets high centered by her fat belly!! She squills in frustration and it is so cute!!


Josh & Amie Neves Family said...

Stace, Oaklee is starting to look more and more like you. We can't wait to squish her until she cries next week!

Calee said...

Stacie! I love that you have a blog and it's cuter than you say it is. Oaklee looks like she's getting so big! I want to see her again soon and pinch her rolls :)

Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

OK... so excited to find your blog girl! The picture ibn your slideshow of the girls in their Christmas pjs is so great! I love the face that Oaklee is pulling, so mad! She is such a cutie, Sadie has always loved her bath too, I love giving her a bath each night. At one point she would fall asleep during her bath quite a bit! They do the funniest things don't they?