Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy 1st b-day Oaklee Mae**
We gathered family, delicious food, and lots of love to celebrate Oaklee's one year b-day. Oaklee's great grandma Connie let us invade her house and pretty much take over with our dishes, decorations, and balloons. It was so rewarding to watch Oaklee on her 1st b-day; tearing blissfully into her cake, helping Dad open her presents, and being with lots of warm family. I couldn't help but have flash backs to this day, one year ago, when the doctor placed a bundle of pink Oaklee in my arms. I was terrified, but I felt the same rewarding satisfaction of love and peace in my heart. Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl*

(above) Not very happy to be restrained for a picture...

(above) Hot Pink decorations....
(above) Delicious food
I totally copied Meagan on the cupcakes.. (thanks Meg! They turned out great!)

(above) Drunk on frosting..

(above) Sweet ending to a happy day...*


Bobbilynn said...

Oh that is fun! I love the cupcakes and the hot pink everywhere! What a well prepared mom you are!

I love the top picture too cause you and Colton have the look most parents do when their kids are screaming and your mom, the grandmother, has to be like, "oh, Oaklee, silly girl" cause you know, she's the grandma and doesn't have that everyday, somedays, ALL day. haha You captured all that in one picture. good job!

Josh & Amie Neves Family said...

Happy Birthday my little Oaklee. I can't believe your one! We are so excited to see you in November. Keep eating more cake!!!

Harries Family said...

What a birthday she had. You are a detailed momma! Can't believe she is a year, you know what that means time for another baby...jump on the wagon! Happy bleated birthday Oaklee.