Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5th Generations and a wedding
So my computer is going to blow up. Literally it's just a matter of time before I start feeling the desk shake and see smoke.. We probably should have just bought a new computer when he moved in, but this computer, so lovingly called the "dino" (as in "dino"saur) was free! You can't beat free! So I'm trying to make the best of it and let it hold on a little longer before the dino will be laid to rest. The dino has no more space to hold anything, which is why I have 3 weeks of posting to catch up on....

Oaklee woke up in her crib like this and it cracked me up. I wonder how she managed that one?

My good friend from back in our High School days (I say that like I'm sooo old) got married October 10th. It was a great day, and so special. Congrats Mrs. Harrison!
This pic was at her reception later that night... pretty self explanatory. Long day, tired baby..

This picture was taken on Oaklee's birthday and the dino threaten to eat it so I've had to wait to post it, but I think it's pretty neat! There are 5 generations in this picture. From Oaklee, to her Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Lewis.


Marc and Alexis said...

Cute Pictue of you family! Oaklee is getting so big:) e-mail your address and you can check out the fam..... avdancer@hotmail.com

The Curtis Family said...

Hey Stacie! I just wanted to let you know i love reading your blog! The way you write is so fun to read! hahaha! Your pix are cute! The 5 generation one is adorable! Well, keep writing, and talk to you later!