Monday, April 28, 2008

*Farewell to 1229

I had mixed feelings standing on the sidewalk looking up at 1229. The shuttle van had arrived to take us to Dulles International. As we loaded our luggage I couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful home we would probably never come back to. The quaint little green 2 story house in the middle of a bustling city, had been one of the most memorable places I'd ever visited. Our short stay in Washington was again, another amazing culture and history feast for me. I am amazed at all there is to see and do, and especially, what there is to learn in DC. We again traveled to the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Korean War Memorial, World War II Memorial, and the Washington Monument to name a few. Every site unique to it's history. The Lincoln Memorial is quite the humbling site. To stare up into the marble statue of President Lincoln's face you can't help but be washed over with a sense of gratitude at the tasks the 16th president completed, that changed our nation. We got to experience some of the sights in the DC rain (it was awesome and freezing!) I have NEVER experienced a rain like this. Literally sheets and sheets came down on us. Amie stayed home with the babies, and when I came home she said it looked like I took a bath with all my clothes on! It doesn't rain like that in Utah!
Another highlight was Eastern Market.
Being that I love food, you could always find me drooling over the pastries, and fresh shrimp. My mom made an awesome Sunday dinner to celebrate Amie and Josh's completion of there "nerve racking" talks they had to give and didn't dodge (even though it was their last week in the ward! Sucka's!) I wanted to experience a ward outside of Utah, and I truly felt a unique spirit in the atmosphere of their amazing ward with devoted members. Gracie and Oaklee had lots of baths, (of course) and time together, which is precious to me. It was such a great week and I hope someday, my travels will bring me back to beautiful DC.


Josh & Amie Neves Family said...

I dont have a picture of my garbage can!! I am glad you came to visit as much as you did. I had a ton of fun!!! Thanks for making DC a blast!!

Bobbilynn said...

Sounds like you fell in love with DC! It's fun there huh? I went 3 years ago to visit steve while we were dating (he lived there for a summer) It was so fun going around to all the different sites. I wish I could have spent as much time as you did though.

Anyway I chickened out on going on the cruise so I told Meagan we should hang out next week. All us girls and our girls. Call me

Angie said...

wow stace you are a great writer! good post. It makes me want to go to DC!

Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

ok, so i haven't been a blogger for a bit... glad to see i haven't missed any posts! i love reading your posts... at first i was thinking "is this from a book?" you really are a great writer!... who knew?! xo i seriously have to type 8 letter s for word verification... aren't those usually easy??!

Meagan Marie said...

I just thought to myself, "If I have to go to Stacie's blog and see that trash can one more time. . . " LOL! I was just telling Julie that I think we all hit a blogging wall. My self included. I just miss you! If we go to lunch then I guess I wouldn't care so much about you posting. What is your week like? Is Amie here now? Bobbi and I are going to do lunch like mon or tues do ether of those work for you? (Sandra and Amie are invited too) give me a call or something K!
PS: Happy mothers day!

Meagan Marie said...

Also, I have to tell you that I really do love this post!! I guess I just miss you so that is why I lashed out about the garbage can. I love you!