Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colton and I went to Vegas for Valentines day and it was... interesting. Being the ripe old age of 19 (20 in May) and still pretty "green in the ways of the world" one might ask "why go to Vegas?" Good question.... I'm still trying to answer that one myself. BUT It was nice to get away for a few days by ourselves. We stuffed ourselves full of seafood at a buffet with all you could eat crab legs. HEAVEN. We walked the strip at night and enjoyed the ballagio water shows. I think I could of pitched a tent and spent the night there instead of our cheap, felt like airplanes were flying through our windows, hotel. We ventured in a few flashy casino's and made sure both our feet stayed on the appropriate carpet for the "underaged" guests. haha. We made a stop at the M&M factory and picked out Oaklee some fushca pink and aqua M&M's..We got yelled at by a taxi driver who told us we needed to "LEARN HOW TO DRIVE", maybe he saw our Utah plates on the old beat up Elantra and decided that he would take out his frustrations of the crazy traffic on two innocent little rednecks. His loss because I'm still laughing over it! We saw sleepy lions, and ate in a rain forest. (delicious ribs by the way) We "people watched" (borrowed term from Calee) on the strip and sucked in all Vegas had to offer for us two little rednecks from the country. One little redneck didn't take off his scuffed big farming shoes/boots/whatever these are, proving the old song by Hank Williams Jr to be true "A Country Boy can Survive"... yes even in the city.

***and that's why I love him :)


Amie said...

I can imagine Colton walking around Vegas in his boots. I hope he wouldn't do that in Hawaii also. (Josh's dad wears his full cowboy attire where ever he is no matter how hot it is!) I am glad you two we able to have a fun weekend!
PS Did Oak like her special colored M&M's?

Sharla said...

Just blog stalking today meandering thru Angie's friends and I read thru your posts, looking at all the fun pics, and it gave me such joy and happiness! What a beautiful way you have of expressing yourself and taking the ordinary daily activities and showing how magical being a wife and mother are. I agree with you on those moments in time that truly make everything just right. You are a wonderful young lady! Keep it up and save all these posts! They are priceless!!