Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We met with the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday for Oak's leg and I was so nervous watching his face as he read the x-rays from the insta-care. He looked over at me, I was biting my nails with nervousness , and with a warm smile he simply said "No Surgery." Phew! I let out a deep breath I had been holding since we stepped foot in the building and it felt like a huge weight have been lifted off my shoulders! The next step for Oak was to re X ray her leg, to make sure the break hadn't gotten any worse, and to cast her leg from her upper thigh to the bottom of her toes. The doctor pulled up the x-ray on his desktop and we were able to see an almost 3D image of the break and it was unreal. The x-ray at the insta care didn't even hold a flame to this crisper more life like x-ray. I could clearly see the 2 vertical jagged breaks in the tibia (the larger of the leg bones) one of which stemmed into a horizontal pin sized break up her bone. I couldn't even believe it! She had been so brave the entire 5 days her leg was in the splint, which didn't even secure the break. It really is true that kids adapt and are so resilient in bad situations. She had the sweetest most honest explanation for hurt leg, and her happy attitude never wavered. When it came time to cast her leg the techs asked her what color she wanted her cast and of course ORANGE it was, and is. Big bright hunter orange. She thinks it's pretty awesome. After securing the cast and waiting for the wraps to dry, I noticed an instant sense of security for Oaklee and her leg. We left the doctors office with the sun on our faces and 3 matching smiles! Now, back at home, Oak doesn't cry when you touch or lift her leg. She is no longer choking down some nasty a medicine or afraid to be picked up or carried. Her and our newest orange addition for the next 4 weeks, are happy and simply content. I feel very blessed.


Angie said...

So glad to hear she's doing okay! And no surgery! YAY!

sewbox said...

Ohhh, your poor little Oakley. What a huge cast! Hope the 4 weeks go by fast.

Calee said...

1. woohoo for ORANGE!
2. good job keeping your sanity and hers.
3. YAY for a new SCOB painting- I love them!
4. Don't let Sandra go out of town anymore. ;)

CAMI said...

Oh Stacie! I am speechless.... How did you manage??!! I am glad she is safe and secure in a cast now! I guess the hardest part is over, call me next time so I can help, (I hesitate to say this) but I am always up for a little excitement.