Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pool Party*
Amie and I have been itching to get a pool for the girls, and today couldn't have been a better day to be outside, so we made a quick trip to Walmart for sun screen and this blow up pool and we headed out into grandma's backyard. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time being in the much needed sunshine!This is all Oaklee wanted to do... eat the sides..

and this is all Gracie wanted to do... roll her eyes at me when I tried to get a pic

and they both are in their own little worlds and stages which means getting pictures of them TOGETHER, was like pulling teeth! oh well at least we tried!

Who's bigger?... haha Oaklee takes the cake, and would probably eat it too!*

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally a light at the end of the tunnel.. *
For the last 2 weeks, Oaklee just hasn't been acting the same. She would bug her ears, throw up, have a constant running nose, and other attributes of the "common cold." These symptoms went on for a couple of days, with no fever. It is when the fever came along that I got worried. After going to the doctor, Oaklee's diagnosis was an ear infection and possible sinus infection, and a prescription for Augmentin. I thought that in a few days we would be back to normal... (whatever normal means) So I gave Oaklee the Augmentin... If she was not throwing it up, it was coming out the other end and I mean bad. Along with the nasty symptoms of a cold, she now had what was like the flu. I called the nurses concerned about her bleeding, painful diaper rash, and each time they would tell me to just finish the prescription and get her acidopholus for her diarrhea. After about the 4th day of constant morning and night diarrhea, I called back the nurses. It seemed as though Oaklee was getting worse, and not better! They gave us a new prescription and told me that obviously Augmentin is too harsh for Oaklee stomach... At least we learned that in all this!! After the old antibiotic cleared her system, and the new one kicked in, I started to see improvements! Thanks to Amie and Josh's Nebulizer, we made it through lots of long nights. Also thanks to Grandma for letting Oaklee sleep over while her mom and dad got much needed sleep, and thanks to Amie and her witch doctor methods, (garlic oil??) I think Oaklee is finally feeling better! YES!

Colt giving Oak her Nebulizer Treatment ....

and playing with her to make her forget she's sick
and having some much needed relaxation time on the bean bag together.. (nice farmers tan...sexy)

and most importantly, making her smile... Thanks colt for all your help, your such a great dad!
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